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About Carroll Data Processing:

A Journey Rooted
in Faith and Excellence

At Carroll Data Processing, our story spans over 45 years, brimming with client success stories, technological innovations, and unwavering values that have underpinned our journey to success. As you delve into our ‘About Us’ page, you’ll discover more than just our history. You’ll find the foundation of our business built on commitment, integrity, and a deep faith that has guided us through the evolution of technology and client service. Join us as we share our legacy, showcase client triumphs, and uncover the ethos that fuels our continued dedication to serving our customers.

Our Story

Our story begins with our founder, John Whitfield, a visionary with a background in physics and mathematics. His career began as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army in 1963, followed by five years as a Systems Engineer at IBM in Baltimore, and seven with Provident Savings Bank as VP of data processing.

In 1976, John took his wealth of software development experience and founded Carroll Data Processing. Since then, we have provided expert services to businesses of all sizes, supporting their accounting, inventory management, POS systems, and more. Notably, we introduced cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) systems for Ritz Camera’s 1300+ stores and Duron Paint’s 230+ locations, enhancing their operations and efficiency.

Over the past 45+ years, our company has grown solely by word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. In addition, two of John’s six adult children now work in the business – Laurie in accounting, and Lisa at the helm, driving our company to new heights.

Today, Carroll Data Processing continues to thrive, upholding our legacy of family, faith, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and become a part of your success story.

Why Choose Us?


Our unwavering trust in God has been the cornerstone of our success.
Our faith extends to every project we undertake. When you choose Carroll Data Processing, you're not just selecting a software provider; you're partnering with a team that believes in the power of trust, integrity, and a higher purpose.


We believe that transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct are non-negotiable.
You can trust us to provide straightforward, honest solutions that meet your specific needs.


We take great pride in our work and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.
Our team goes above and beyond, often working nights and weekends to ensure your project's success. When you choose Carroll Data Processing, you're choosing a partner who is as committed to your goals as you are.

Customer Focus

Our long-lasting client relationships are a testament to the trust our clients have in us.
Your needs and desires always come first, above our own.

At Carroll Data Processing, our values are the guiding principles that set us apart and make us the ideal partner for your custom software needs. In choosing Carroll Data Processing, you’re selecting a partner who not only delivers exceptional software solutions but also embodies values of trust, honesty, dedication, and a relentless focus on your success. We look forward to the privilege of serving you and helping you achieve your goals.

Client Success Stories


At Baughers Orchard, we spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive tracking system, revolutionizing how they manage deposits on crates used during pumpkin sales. In addition, we meticulously designed and developed Baugher Bakery's robust inventory and sales tracking point-of-sale system, ensuring both companies operate at peak efficiency.

C & O Distributers

Our collaboration with C&O Distributors saw the birth of a tailored point-of-sale system, meticulously engineered to flawlessly track cylinder rentals, a distinctive requirement unique to their business. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that cater to the distinct needs of our clients.

Gallagher Pools

Over 35 years ago, Gallagher Pools found themselves in need of a solution for their distinctive requirements with no pre-existing applications in sight. We stepped in to provide a tailored package and have been serving them ever since. We take pride in offering solutions that go above and beyond to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Dimensional Healthcare

Our partnership with Dimensional led to the development of a robust system for tracking nurse certification and client databases. As the system's growth demanded a new platform, we seamlessly migrated it to ensure that Dimensional's operations continued to run smoothly.

Dr's Choice

At Dr.'s Choice, we took on the challenge of redesigning and rewriting a customized application that managed children's medical bills. We replaced their Excel-based system with a dynamic solution that not only increased their efficiency but also enhanced their capacity to serve their patients.

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